Accessorize Yourself: Try This DIY Wire Bow Ring

Posted Monday August 27, 2012 12:38 PM GMT


16 Gauge Half Round Half Hard 14/20 Gold Filled Wire – 5FT
Jewelry Pliers, Round and flat

1. First, at one end of the wire, make two rounded humps by wrapping the wire around the thick part of your round nose pliers
2. Then squeeze the valley in between with the flat nose pliers to create the heart shape
3. Next, cross the short end of the wire across the longer side
4. Then wrap the shorter wire around the longer side two times and cut off the excess
5. Next wrap wire around a cup to create the rounded part, fit to the size of your wrist
6. To create the hook, bend the other end of the wire so it is doubled up for as least an inch
7. Bend again a half an inch down to create the hook
8. Wrap the excess around the base of the bracelet 3 times and trim the excess

Photo Credit: I Spy DIY

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