Tory Burch: Eyeing Activewear, Home Goods

Posted Tuesday June 26, 2012 1:58 PM GMT

Always looking for new creative outlets, Tory Burch is expanding her empire and introducing some new product lines in the coming year.

With eleven new cities in her kingdom, and one boutique doubling in size, Ms. Burch is poised for a new level of global domination.

She explained, “I think it’s very measured. There’s a lot of strategy and thoughtful planning that goes into where we open and how we go about going into each new territory. We really look at who’s shopping at our current stores.”

As for her planned presence in Brazil, Tory shared, “We have a big Brazilian customer [base]. We thought that might be a great place for us to go.”

President Brigitte Kleine added, “We want to make sure we have the right talent and the right infrastructure. If you’re investing in infrastructure and the time, you want to make sure the market is viable for several stores.”

Burch continued, “Once we learn the business, we think about product specifically for them. For instance, swim in Brazil will be a little bit of a different cut. It depends on the territory.”

Kleine also confessed to being excited about Chinese possibilities. “It’s a learning curve. China is a massive opportunity. That’s where patience really pays off. We have a massive plan. China is tough. It takes time to find the right real estate and the right team. Finding talent locally is a challenge.”

As for European ventures, “We’re pleased with our performance. We’re very cautious about Europe. And everywhere. We’re always cautious.”

Photo Credit: Tory Burch

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