Work It Out: Look Fit & Fabulous In These Trendy Fitness Threads

Posted Tuesday January 10, 2012 5:43 PM GMT

Year after year, one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions made by millions is to hit the gym more frequently and to lose weight – can’t we all have a body like Miranda Kerr?

Sadly though, year after year that resolution lasts a mere month, at best, and soon those individuals slip back into their gym-less routines and can be found lifting Twinkies rather than dumbbells.

We’re not going to be that person this year though – and we challenge you not to be either! If you’ve made a resolution to hit the gym on a regular basis throughout the week this year, then stick to it! One thing you’ll want to be seen in the gym with (other than a super hot personal trainer, of course) is trendy workout attire.

Companies like Nike, Reebok, Gap and even Forever 21 have designed practical, yet stylish workout clothes that aid in keeping you dry, and looking your best even when you may be sweating like no other and are unable to feel your legs anymore.

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