Hi gals! With warmer weather ahead (finally) I've been on the hunt for a lightweight moisturizer. Any all-time favorites you recommend? – Sue

Hi Sue,

Great question! A change of seasons calls for a change in your skincare routine — especially where facial moisturizer is concerned.

A light-weight solution that’s not going to bog down your complexion amidst the rising temps is important. We rounded up five of our favorite springtime formulas that will boost hydration and anti-aging properties.

Click here to get the scoop on our must-have moisturizers of the moment!

Hi ladies! Have you seen Jenna Dewan-Tatum lately? Her ensembles are to-die-for. Any suggestions on how I can copy her chic looks for less? –Taylor

Hi Taylor,

We couldn't agree more. When we spotted the star out to dinner on Tuesday (March 5), her awe-worthy post-baby bod wasn't the only thing that had our jaws dropping, Jenna's effortlessly-chic ensemble also left us pleasantly stunned.

Wearing a simple beige blouse, distressed jeans, mega-luxe Valentino Rockstud heels, and a killer shopper bag, the haute mom proved she's a pro when it comes to sartorial balance.

Since we can't have Channing Tantum, the next best thing would be a look even he would approve of, right? For sure! Shop a nearly-identical version of this glam-meets-girl-next-door getup for less here.

Happy shopping!

Hi ladies! New York Fashion Week was nothing short of amazing and I loved all the ponytails that rocked the runway. Do you have any tips on how I can achieve the perfect pony? – Monica

Hi Monica,

Season after season, we've seen hairstylist re-create the classic ponytail, but when we went backstage at Kenneth Cole, we must say the tresses were foolproof.

We caught up with lead hairstylist, Duffy, to find how we can master the timeless look at home! Watch this exclusive video for tips and tricks and good luck!

Hi Ladies! My husband and I are throwing a Super Bowl party and I need help choosing what to wear, any suggestions? – Anna

Hi Anna,

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest spectacles in sports, so it’s important for us ladies bring our style A-game to the season's most-watched field.

Whether you're pro football's most die-hard follower, or you're still unsure who is actually playing (we won’t tell), we want you named as the night’s Most Fashionable Fan.

Click through our gallery to ensure you earn a touchdown on game day — fashionably speaking, of course.

Hi Ladies! I'm a huge fan of at-home beauty remedies and my boyfriend! Do you have any we can try together? Thanks, Rachael

Hi Rachael,

We love this question! We’re obsessed with DIY beauty (obvi). Seriously, what’s not to like? It’s easy, affordable and healthy for our skin.

So, with something so fabulous, how could we not share all of its undeniable goodness with our significant other? Besides, it’s our duty to help him get in touch with his feminine side, right?

Try these ,three simple, at-home remedies. Maybe he'll become more obsessed with DIYing than you ... just maybe.

Hi ladies! The Golden Globes were amazing! My favorite part of the red carpet was the mani cam and I LOVED Zooey Deschanel's flowery nail art. Any idea how I can copy her look? Thanks, Cara.

Hi Cara,

We agree, this year's show was a style and beauty lovers dream!

Zooey’s nails were a big hit (as always) and Tom Bachik was the brains behind the polish. He wanted to create a design that had a vintage, Old Hollywood feel and decided on a 60s-inspired floral motif.

You can now achieve the glamorous 3D design with soft tones and splashes of metallic gold by following these 7 simple steps!

Enjoy and let us know how they turn out!

Hello! I'm feeling tired and bloated from overindulging over the holiday. Any recommendations? - Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth,

We're in the same boat! The multiple servings of dinner and desserts were short-term satisfactions — ones that now have us fighting sleepiness and breakouts. Yuck.

We have two DIY detox solutions to lend your bod the rejuvenation it needs! The facial mask will help to restore a gorgeous glow and clarity to your complexion, while the bath mixture will help to draw out toxins and increase circulation to help energize.

So set aside about an hour to yourself (you deserve it), and prepare for the greatest R&R session of your life! Click, here to get started!

Hi Ladies! I hope I'm not the only one facing this problem! With the holidays right around the corner I'm losing sleep and it's taking a toll on me. I look tired ALL the time and my under eye circles are becoming unbearable! Please HELP! - Sarah

Hi Sarah,

We feel your pain.

As we prepare for the most glamorous time of the year, it’s easy to lose the sleep we so desperately need! From those dark, hallow circles to baggy, puffy peepers, we’ve all face it.

So, we’re breaking down the most effective eye-enhancing strategies that will fake Z’s and keep you looking fresh and well-rested. From creams, concealers, treatment balms, and everything inbetween, let these miracle-workers rescue you when that cup of coffee doesn't quite cut it. Click here to see our picks. Happy holidays!

HELP! I recently went to the nail salon and recieved a gel-mani and I'm really regretting my choice of color. Is there anyway I can change the color without going back to the salon or peeling it off myself? - Jamie

Hi Jamie!

Instead of peeling the impossible or starting over, why not paint regular polish over your gel mani? To our surprise, it can be done — and actually looks awesome!

This is no guarantee your manicure will last longer, but it can disguise the gaps from your natural nails growing in. And, you can change the color as much as you’d like! Ready to risk your $40 mani? Here's how to do it!

Good luck!!

Hi! I've been invited to a handful of holiday parties and bought a killer mini dress, but my legs just aren't up to par! Any advice on how I can achieve silky sexy legs? - Leslie

Hi Leslie!

'Tis the season to show off your stems! Holiday parties are about to be in full swing and you need killer legs to match that killer dress!

It's no secret that baring your bottom half can be nerve-racking — but not anymore. We here at DIY Fashion have found a way to take the worry out of rockin' it at your next celebratory shindig. We conjured up a do-it-yourself cream that's low on cost and big on benefit! Click here for the ingredients and enjoy!