Beat The Heat: 10 Fool Proof Hairstyles for the Summer Sun

Posted Wednesday May 21, 2014 12:08 PM GMT

Hot and humid days are just over the horizon and before you start reaching for your hat to hide the frizz, try out a few of our favorite hairstyles to beat the heat.

Hair comes in all different lengths, colors and textures, but these up-dos will work for everyone!

Check out our 10 easy summer styles below!

Style One
This sleek tucked under look is great for those hot days when you’re running late. The only supply you need is a stretchy headband. Put the headband on over your hair and take the remaining hair outside the headband and tuck it underneath. This 5-minute style will leave you looking stylish all day long.

Style Two
The simplest of styles is a high ponytail with a colorful ribbon to match. This do gets your hair off the back of your neck so you don’t end up with a sweaty mess throughout the day. The simplicity of this style makes it versatile for many occasions. Pick the color ribbon that will match your outfit to top it off!

Style Three
Style three is perfect for the girl who likes the messy look. All you need are two bobby pins and a fun clip to get you set to recreate this summer fave. Split your hair into two parts and tie them in a knot at the nape of your neck. Then bobby pin the two ends into the middle of the knot for an all-day hold. Finally, add a fun, colorful clip to spice it up.

Style Four
This style is a play on the classic sock bun. Just add a French braid starting the the nape of your neck going up to the top of your head and use the extra hair to create your bun. Perfect for hot summer weddings or shopping sprees. This summer style will leave your friends jealous of your salon look.

Style Five
The classic French braid is elegant for most occasions, but can also be dressed down for a messy look. This braid is perfect for days at the beach or bike rides with friends. This classic look can be paired with many outfits like a swimsuit or a dress.

Style Six
Yet another classic do that will help beat the heat; take your hair from drab to fab with a fishtail braid. Changing up a bit from a French braid, this fishtail is sleek and provides all day protection from sweat. With many different variations, this style will be used all summer.

Style Seven
A messy French twist is a modern way to wear your hair for business meetings. All you need is hairspray and bobby pins. Start out teasing the hair to achieve the desired volume. Add the hairspray to ensure the longevity of tease. Then twist the hair to create the desired size and add bobby pins to secure.

Style Eight
Also known as the mermaid braid, this style is a guaranteed favorite for running errands this summer. Start by separating your hair into two sections and braiding each section securing it with a ponytail holder. Take each braid and loosen to create a mermaid look. Finish by securing the two braids together with one ponytail holder and adding hairspray to keep the braids in place.

Style Nine
Probably the simplest out of all the hairstyles, this look will never disappoint. Start at your part and take two little sections and twist. With each twist add a new chunk of hair and keep going all the way down until you run out of chunks. Secure with a ponytail holder and add hairspray to keep your hair sleek all day!

Style Ten
The last style is an easy look for any time of day. Braid three chunks of hair down your back. Tie them together with a ponytail holder and tuck them up to secure with bobby pins. This chic up-do is perfect for every occasion.