Achieve a Flawless Complexion: Makeup Brushes for the Frugal Beauty Babe!

Posted Saturday June 14, 2014 11:58 AM GMT

Look around and you'll see photos of stars rocking a flawless, airbrushed makeup application. Instead of sitting around, dreaming of the day your face will look that amazing - get out and make it happen.

Our beauty editors pulled together a list of essential makeup brushes that will give you a glowing complexion without breaking your budget.

Check out our favorites below!

EcoTools Bamboo Foundation Brush, 1202 - $5.98
The typical foundation brush is designed to create a smooth and finished look. The Ecotools Bamboo Foundation Brush will do just that by offering you a reliable, effective and eco-friendly alternative to the more traditional styles of makeup brushes. Apply liquid foundation evenly around the face, beginning from the outside and working your way in. Make sure to apply the foundation onto your neck and in the hairline to avoid a streaky finish.

Urban Beauty United Concealer Brush - $5.99
With Urban Beauty United's Concealer Brush, your secrets are safe. This brush is perfect for hiding problem areas like acne, scars and dark circles. We recommend tapping the concealer into the skin with the brush, versus using brush strokes. Tapping with create an even blend into your foundation.

Real Techniques Powder Brush - $9.99
Great looks start with a fresh base. Evenly apply powders with this brush by Real Techniques for smooth, high-definition results. Apply a translucent powder over your liquid foundation and concealer. If you prefer powder foundations, apply your concealer first and then use this brush to apply the powder base.

Ulta Contour Blush Brush - $14.00
Add edginess to your cheek bones with this Contour Blush Brush. With its soft, synthetic bristles, it will help to evenly apply cheek color. We recommend applying a non-shimmer bronzer to the base of the cheek bone all the way into the hairline. Next, apply a blush that complements your skin tone on top of the bronzer to achieve the perfect contoured face.

Essential Tools Eye Shading & Applicator Duo - $2.49
The Essential Tools Eye Shading & Applicator Duo applies color to emphasize your gorgeous specs. Use the brush to apply eye shadow, blending upward. Use the applicator to pick up more color and create the perfect smokey eye with your favorite shades.

Maybelline Lip Brush - $7.99
This Maybelline Lip Brush is is a wonderful addition to your makeup brush collection. We especially recommend this brush to ladies who love to rock a bold lip. Apply a nude lip liner and completely fill in your lips and apply the lipstick and/or gloss on top of the liner with this brush.

Pur Minerals Brow Brush - $13.00
The angled tip of this flat brush from Pur Minerals allows you to shape and define your eyebrows using any mineral powder. One of our favorite brow tips is using a brow brush to shape our natural brows and filling in with a light brown eyeshadow from our makeup collection.

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