Budget-Friendly Jane Cosmetics Makes the Big Return

Posted Thursday December 27, 2012 11:23 AM GMT

Despite declining sales in recent years, Jane Cosmetics is poised for a massive comeback with a Spring Collection re-launch.

Thanks to Patriarch Partners’ acquisition of the brand, Jane’s wares will hit stores in March 2013 (online in January) with pricing set for $5.99 up to a modest $9.99.

Patriarch honcho Lynn Tilton, told WWD, “I’m about bringing back American brands that people don’t forget and bringing [it] new life. [Jane is] a brand with great products but also a reflection of what’s in my heart; supporting and empowering women. I have always felt that women are creative forces, I want women to feel that they can dream big dreams and be successful.”

“I think I can recreate this brand and hope that women will come together empowered. When women feel beautiful, they feel confident and I think we lose so much of ourselves when we lose beauty, but beauty also has to come from within and this younger generation wants to give back — they are much more aligned with doing for others than for themselves and we are trying to bring high quality, affordable products developed by Stila and have it reflect the values of the young women giving back and taking care of others.”

To that end, Lynn developed the Friends of Jane Lip Gloss Collection, with proceeds to be donated to various charitable causes.
Tilton added, “I go shopping twice a year and I was on one of my annual trips, shopping at Gucci and everyone there wanted my Jane lip gloss.”

Photo Credit: Jane Cosmetics

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