Does Your Beauty Routine Make You Look Old?: 6 Ways Your Routine Is Aging You

Posted Tuesday October 30, 2012 9:13 AM GMT

Makeup Misstep #1: Layering On Under-Eye Concealer

Problem: We know how annoying those pesky dark circles can be. Whether you're tired from a late evening at the office or a night out on the town, a shadow-ridden under-eye is a sure-fire way to put a funk on your face. To remedy this common issue many reach for a heavy concealer. And while makeup can indeed help to lighten the area, and overuse of such product will end up increasing the notice of any find lines and wrinkles instead of camouflaging or covering up.

Fix: Ditch your heavy concealer for for a lighter, more buildable option or simply opt for a brightness-inducing highlighter. If you choose to skin the highlighter, be sure to only apply it to the inner corners of your under-eyes.

Makeup Misstep #2: Applying a Super Dark Shade to Lips

Problem: While it's true deep hues are in high-demand for fall, picking to dark of a shade for your kisser will leave your lips looking smaller and less youthful.

Fix: Instead applying a harsh Merlot-inspired color, think of lipstick as a way to lighten your face and grab a perky pout option instead. While you can still be dramatic with a eye-popping red or orange, aiming for a bright version of these colors you will allow lips to look full, moisturized and, well, welcoming!

Makeup Misstep #3: Using Too Much Powder

We're no fan of an oily face, but piling on powder is one sure-fire way to add unwanted years in no time flat. After all, a youthful kisser usually evokes a particular glow, one that cannot shine if it's stifled by loads of mattifying product.

Fix: Try a translucent setting powder instead. And even with the lighter version, be sure to only use it where necessary (ie. your t-zone).

Makeup Misstep #4: Over-Plucked Eyebrows

Oh how thankful we are that the days of tweeze-happy hands are behind us. Not only to over-plucked brows look cheap and not chic, they also can make you look like your stuck in the past - cough, cough, making you appear older.

Fix: Fill those puppies in! There are so many options on the market today, so no excuses here. Our favorite product help thicken? Brow powder. Appearing much less harsh than a pencil, using this will allow you to fill in sparce areas will natural-looking ease.

Makeup Misstep #5: Blush Abuse

Alright ladies, listen up! We know a flush of color on your cheeks can really awaken your over-all appearance, but applying a stain in the wrong place could have you looking like anything from Happy the Clown to ten years older.

Fix: Ditch your big brush and be sure to pick up one of the angled variety. If you used an over-sized bronzer or powder brush you run the risk of applying the color to low, resulting in a droopy-looking face. With an angle brush you can sweep the nice, soft amount of blush right above the fleshiest part of the cheek (hint: smiling is always the easiest way to find the right spot).

Makeup Misstep #6 Too Much/ Wrong Color Lip Liner

Um, hello 90s. Not only is a heavily-lined kisser a sign of the past, it also creates a pursed, uninviting look to your lips. Additionally a off-color can make any outer lines of you lips appear more prevalent.

Fix: When applying the product, be sure to match your shade to the natural hue of your pucker - not your lipstick or lip gloss. This will allow for a clean look without is making your lips appear smaller or harsh.

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