Easy is Best: Learn Our 6 Best Beauty Hacks Now

Posted Friday March 14, 2014 1:43 PM GMT

Less is more — especially when it comes to the time you spend on your cosmetic routine. That's why we rounded up seven no-fail beauty hacks to ensure your regimen remains as fast as the results arefabulous.

From zapping a why won't you just go away zit, to nixing the need for false lashes in a flash, we have you covered. Read on to discover our best kept secrets below.

Prime time. Cover up is an important component of any beauty arsenal, which makes it even better that this particular product has more than one use. You can skip that high-priced shadow primer at the cosmetic counter — instead just reach for your under eye concealer to prep your lids to perfection. Not only will it even out blue and red tones, but the extra coverage will also allow your pigment to stick all day long.

Fire up. If you're feeling a little sleepy or you simply indulged in one too many happy hour cocktails, there's one sure-fire way to fake a fresh appearance: Nude eyeliner. By applying a flesh tone to the waterline, you'll widen the look of your peepers while awakening your gaze overall.

Get gelly. Love the look of gel liner but can't quite find your favorite pot laying around? Try this DIY version instead. Simply warm the tip of the pencil with a match or lighter for 5 seconds, let cool for at least 15 seconds, and swipe it on. The result is nearly identical.

Flutter like no other. Want to amp of the volume of your whispies? Look no further than your bottle of baby powder. To get the effect, apply one coat of your favorite mascara. Once dry, use a clean mascara brush to work one layer of baby powder to your lashes. Finally, finish off your va-va-voom false lash lookalike with one last coat of mascara.

Mellow out. Is a hint of crimson wreaking havoc on your complexion? Fight back against pesky pimples and the redness that comes with them by using 1-2 drops of soothing eye drops to each spot.

Stretch it. Lengthen the life of your blowout by dabbing a cotton ball dipped in lemon juice to your roots. Not only will this nix access oils, it will also leave your tresses with a naturally-delicious scent! Bonus.

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