European Union to Stop Animal Testing Cosmetics

Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013 5:30 PM GMT

In an effort to eliminate inhumane practices in the cosmetics industry, the European Union has drawn up a ban forbidding the import and sale of animal-tested products.

EU Health Commissioner Tonio Borg explained that the new regulation will rule out any cosmetics and ingredients developed using animals.

Borg stated, “I believe that the ban should enter into force in March 2013 as Parliament and Council have already decided. I am therefore not planning to propose a postponement or derogation to the ban.”

“This decision also means that we need to step up our efforts in the development, validation and acceptance of alternative methods, as well as in the international recognition of these methods. I know that ECEAE [a European coalition of leading animal-protection organizations across Europe] has been a valuable and knowledgeable partner in these areas and I count on your future support.”

Body Shop honcho Paul McGreevy added, “This great achievement in Europe is only the closure of one chapter. The future of beauty must be cruelty free.”

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