Face Value: Five Makeup Brushes Every Woman Needs

Posted Sunday March 24, 2013 8:07 AM GMT

As with anything, perfection stems from preparation, and where makeup is concerned, this statement couldn't ring truer.

While a strict skincare regimen is an important aspect of beauty, we believe that being equipped with the proper tools for the job can be the difference between looking good and looking absolutely gorgeous.

That being said, we strongly urge beauty queens everywhere to create an arsenal of makeup brushes. While there are some cosmetic applications we leave to our fingertips, you can’t argue the benefit of working with these babies. They are master blenders/applicators and lend the professional-looking results some ladies pay big bucks for.

From eyebrow and face brushes to those for lips and eyes, there is a tool for literally every area of your pretty palette, but if we were to choose five must-haves to supply yourself with right now, these would be our picks:

Concealer Brush: When purchasing a brush of this sort, look for one with small, stiff bristles, as this will allow you more control over where you place the product and how much of it you use. Opt for one with synthetic bristles like bareMinerals’ Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush ($20), since this type won’t soak up the product into the brush itself.

Foundation Brush: Pitch those sponges and pick up a cosmetic tool like Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Brush ($35) to ensure allover, even coverage. A brush is more dependable in this department, as it uses less product and allows for a more natural-looking finish. When searching for the perfect option, look for one with a dome-like, contoured tip – it’ll allow more application control in the tricky areas around your eyes and nose.

Powder Blush: Perhaps the most versatile of brushes, this one is fabulous for the distribution of bronzers, highlighters and blush and possesses amazing contouring powers. Look for a medium-sized brush with a plush, round head, which will disperse product perfectly on areas such as your cheek bones, chin and forehead. One we can’t live without is MAC’s 129 Powder/Blush Brush, ($35).

Eyeshadow Brush: Unlike the wands provided in many store-bought shadows, an eyeshadow brush lends a smoother application of color to your lids. Purchase a tool with soft, short, densely packed bristles like the 239 Eye Shader Brush from MAC, $25.

Eyeshadow Defining Brush: This particular tool is essential for those of you who can’t get enough of the smoky eye look. A thin, angular brush is capable of closely tracing the upper and lower lid lines to perfection. We keep benefit’s Hard Angle Definer Brush ($20) on hand for all our sultry, smoky needs!

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