Get Your Tissues Ready: Dermablend's New Campaign is Emotional

Posted Sunday April 6, 2014 10:05 AM GMT

All makeup brands claim to be the best, but Dermablend is putting their product to the ultimate test in a series of new videos.

Under the “Camo Confessions” moniker, customers have come forward to reveal their skin after wiping off the super concentrated concealer, and it’s quite powerful.

In one spot, college volleyball coach Cheri Lindsay shows that without Dermablend her skin-pigment disorder vitiligo robs her of self-confidence.

Another clip shows college student Cassandra Bankson as she removes her makeup to expose a severe acne problem.

And perhaps the most drastic, “Zombie Boy” Rick Genest completely conceals facial/head/hand skeletal tattoos with the crazy-effective cosmetic.

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