How to Find Your Perfect Blush Shade Based on Your Skintone

Posted Thursday August 21, 2014 3:03 PM GMT

With colder weather on the horizon, it's time to make sure you have plenty of life in your complexion. We’re talking: Beautiful, bright shades of blush.

We caught up with Make Up For Ever artistic Tools & Curriculum Developer, Talia Cich, to break down the best colors for your specific skin tone, and also discover what trends we can look forward to this season.

First off, what colors are on-trend for spring and summer 2014?
Plush petal shades are in for summer! Orchid, and soft washes of pink and coral will give you a natural flush great for the season.

Any advice on taking blush from day to night?
Night time is the perfect time to have fun with your makeup. Try using the highlighting technique by applying it on the upper cheekbone in a “C” shape around the outside corner of the eye. Also, use a pop of color like orchid or soft-pink.

Is there a universal shade that works on every skin tone?
Peachy-pink is the universal shade because it complements every skin tone.

How do you contour using blush?
Begin the application at the hairline (at the middle of the ear) and blend towards the mouth to sculpt the cheek. Be careful not go past the center of the eye. Make Up For Ever’s HD Blush #335 is a great shade to sculpt with.

Who's one of your favorite celebs that knows how to take advantage of blush's cosmetic capabilities?
Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect example of wearing blush that best fits your face shape. She has a rounder face shape and applies blush to sculpt her cheekbones instead of enhancing the roundness of her cheeks. Her makeup always looks soft and natural.

What’s the ideal blush shade for each of the following skin tones?
Light: For porcelain-like skin, use Apricot. Light skin with warm undertones look gorgeous with this peachy-yellow shade.
Try: HD Blush #225.

Fair: For an ivory undertone use a pale pink. Fair skin with cool undertones naturally work best with cool pinks.
Try: HD Blush #210.

Medium: Medium skin tones with yellow or olive undertones look beautiful with an Amber shade of blush.
Try: HD Blush #320.

Olive: Peach and Rose shades work best with Olive skin because it brightens a yellow-tinged complexion.
Try: HD Blush #410 or #310.

Brown: Peach is ideal for both warm and cool undertones, since the blush will have flecks of red, orange and yellow color.
Try: HD Blush #410.

Black: For dark skin tones that have cool undertones, try using a Tangerine shade which, is warmer.
Try: HD Blush #515.

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