Lets Pod-y! Get Colorful with Sephora's New Nail Line

Posted Friday March 7, 2014 12:38 PM GMT

Are you ready for a pod-y? Sephora announced the launch of the first-ever one-time-use nail polish pods, and they're as awesome as they sound.

The $39 set includes 24 colors for users to try then toss. The thought behind the product is to allow customers to experiment with different shades before they purchase a full-sized bottle, and to provide them with a new, easy option for travel.

Kristin Walcott, vice president and general manager for Formula X for Sephora’s Kendo brand explained, “Each Press Pod has a built-in brush and covers all 10 nails in two coats of Formula X.” She added, “Because the pods are tiny, we paid a lot of attention to creating a specialized brush.”

To activate the lacquer, “You pop off the top of the pod, roll the brush between your fingers and a dot of nail polish will appear from the middle of the brush.” said Walcott. Then, “Apply it in the center of the nail, and brush,” said Walcott.

The set will hit Sephora stores early May, and will likely be offered in more colors down the road.


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