Peeper Perfect: The Best Eyeshadow Shades for Your Eye Color

Posted Wednesday August 27, 2014 10:03 AM GMT

If you’re looking to take things up a notch where your cosmetic regimen is concerned, then you may be in the market for some beauty guidance from yours truly.

Your eyes are the most expressive area on your face, so swapping out your daily neutral shadow for a more dramatic hue is a great way to make a mega-glam change. Make sure to do this tastefully, of course. Too much color on your peepers could have you looking like you walked straight out of the 80’s. So, make sure to keep your shadow well blended and subtle. Remember, ladies: Where bold shades are concerned, less is more.

We pulled together the best shades for every eye color, because yes; that matters. Read on to see which hues you should be applying and which ones you need to ditch!

Brown Eyes: For all you brown-eyes girls out there, you're able to wear a slew of shades. To make your peepers pop, opt for a deep green tint such as ‘La Douce’ from Stila or for a pinkish-pearly shadow like Urban Decay’s ‘SellOut.’ If you choose to stick with a neutral brown color, stay with one that has teeny flecks of gold or sparkle in it such as Victoria’s Secret Shimmer Eyeshadow in ‘Sable.’ A matte brown hue that’s too rich will cause your eye to look too dark.

Blue Eyes: To make your baby blues look their best, be sure to stay away from blue eyeshadow – it’d make for an overload of the hue on your face. Stick to deep plums such as ‘Nocturnelle’ eyeshadow from MAC, slate greys such as ‘Argentic’ from Dior or beige hues such as ‘Cairo’ from NARS. Each of these colors will accentuate the gorgeous hue your eye already boasts!

Green Eyes: To show off your emeralds stick to wearing various shades of purple and brown. Deep, earthy tones will flaunt your eyes the best. For a fabulous purple shade, try ‘Deep Plum Shimmer’ from Make Up For Ever and for a stellar mocha color, try ‘Twice Baked’ from Urban Decay. Another trick to remember is to examine the color of the flecks close to the inner most part of your eye. If you can match a shadow to this color, it’ll make your eyes glow even more.

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