PRODUCT REVIEW: Get a Hint of Color & Plenty of Moisture for Luscious Lips

Posted Monday June 9, 2014 10:15 AM GMT

Product: Maybelline: Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm

Price: $3.99

The Claim: No more basic lip balm. It's exclusive formula moisturizes lips for a full eight hours. Lips renewed in one week.

Our Test: As instructed, we used this product every day for one week. Throughout the day, we reapplied the balm about every eight hours.

The Verdict: It's easy to pay top dollar to achieve beautiful, healthy lips, and when we don't we may fall into the trap of having to reapply lip balm like it's our job. After using the Baby Lips, we noticed smoother, softer lips. The best part - it didn't take a week to notice a difference. We noticed a result upon first application.

Maybelline also offers a wide array of colors to add a subtle pop to our lips and brighten up the face. Another plus - the light formula doesn't get sticky and cause hair to stay on our lips during a windy day. Overall, we're thrilled with the result of our Baby Lips test.


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