Sally's Security Breech: Worse Than We Thought

Posted Tuesday March 18, 2014 4:44 PM GMT

We know what you’re thinking — not again. While we hate being the bearer of bad news, it seems that another date breach occurred in the retail world. This time, cosmetic brand Sally Beauty Holdings Inc. is the subject of the breach.

According to WWD, the company believes that nearly 25,000 customer records were compromised. March 5th was the first time Sally Beauty disclosed information of an “attempted intrusion,” but didn’t sound the alarms because they had no reason to believe data was stolen. Monday (March 18) they admitted that their initial calculations were wrong.

Sally Beauty sells products to the public via a network of stores and beauty consultants. Verizon along with the US Secret Service are working to investigate the data hack. While it’s not nearly as detrimental as Target’s scandal that effected an estimated 70 million customers, we can’t help but be concerned that breaches are on the rise.

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