Say Cheese! How to Look Great in Every Photo

Posted Tuesday March 26, 2013 12:51 PM GMT

Every moment is a Kodak moment. Whether you’re at the park, on a date with your man or carousing around town with girlfriends, someone is always snapping a picture for Facebook, Instagram or the memory banks.

However, after far too many oily T-zones and frightening under-eye circles, we've learned a thing or two about what translates well in photos and what doesn't.

We figured out a way to prepare yourself in the morning so that you’re ready for those inevitable close-ups whenever, wherever.

Matte makeup is your friend: Matte products are perfect, as they will lend you a totally flawless finish in pictures. Do not use anything with a shimmery finish – especially on your eyes and/or cheeks. This will not translate well in pics, and will only make your complexion look greasy. Also, steer clear of products with titanium dioxide, a reflective pigment, which will make you look shiny as well.

Apply makeup in natural light: When you apply makeup in a dim setting you run the risk of walking around with a face that's 50 shades darker than the rest of your body. To avoid that catastrophe, apply your makeup in a well-lit area or right up against a window with lots of natural sunlight. This will ensure that your complexion looks flawless and perfect in any setting - dark or light.

Always, always, always use concealer: Not only is this product a must for contouring, it’s also one we keep on hand to diminish the look of harsh under-eye circles and to add lightness to tired eyes. However, be sure to snag a light reflecting concealer – that’s important. One we love is Smashbox’s Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer, $20.

Don’t use translucent powder: This particular kind can leave a white cast as the flash goes off. Instead, use a powder with a yellow-ish tint to it. For amazing results try Chanel's Poudre Universelle Compacte Natural Finish Pressed Powder, $55.

Use a white eye pencil: After you've lined your eyes with the liner of your choice, carefully apply a white pencil to the insides of your lids. This will open up your peepers and cause them to appear bigger and brighter in every snapshot! To create this effect we turn to Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, $19 .

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