Sneak a Peek: Check Out What’s Inside Our Winter Makeup Bag

Posted Friday January 11, 2013 1:50 PM GMT

Are you tired of your dull, dry winter skin? Perhaps it’s time to invest in some cold-weather cosmetic essentials.

There are a few products we keep stocked in our makeup bags to ensure a healthy, perfectly pampered complexion during the long winter months. From a can’t-live-without primer to a miracle exfoliator, we’ve got the products that will keep you skin looking and feeling its best while patiently awaiting its summer sun-kissed glow.

Read up on our must-have winter products, and be sure to snag these for yourself to keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful throughout the season.

Bronzer: We lose all traces of color this time of year. So, we depend on our bronzer to lend us the glow we crave. However, remember that it’s not meant to make you look like you just got back from the tropics. Be cautious of how much product you use and where you apply it.

A safe way to wear bronzer this time of year is to use it where you contour: on your cheekbones, the sides of your nose, top of your forehead and temples. Click here for tips on how to contour your face.

Primer: This is something we keep close all year round. A primer acts as a cosmetic bonding glue and promotes the staying power of our favorite makeup products. Since we seem to fight the never-ending battle of dry skin throughout the winter, primer is a fabulous item to ensure no foundation, powder, liner (you get the point), flakes off of our skin.

Highlighter: We are obsessed with facial illuminators. When applied to the high points of our face, this product helps our skin to appear dewy and refreshed. You can also apply this product to your brow bones to help your peepers appear bigger and brighter!

SPF Foundation: It's so important to wear sunscreen in the winter. Those UVA rays are even more prevalent when it’s overcast and cloudy, and you want to be sure you’re taking the proper precautions to protect your skin from their harmful effects. We love products that contain SPF in their formulas already.

Loose Powder: That dreaded mid-day shine is no match for a stellar loose powder. We keep our compacts very close to keep oil at bay, and to lend us an even skin tone 24/7.

Exfoliator: Exfoliating your skin is very important during the cold weather months. If you’re not using something to sloth off those dead skin cells and allow your skin to breath, then there is no way it can absorb all the beneficial products you apply after you cleanse. Dry, dead skin doesn’t look all that hot under makeup, either. So, be sure to lend your complexion some rejuvenation 3-5 times a week to ensure a healthier, happier, prettier you!

Moisturizer: The cold air sucks any moisture you may have right out of your skin. Be sure to replenish your outer layer at least two times a day to give it the hydration it needs.

Lipstick: A bold, eye-catching lipstick is a great product to liven up your look in a flash. A timeless red hue is one of our ultimate faves, because it’s timeless and looks fabulous on a variety of skin types.

Lip Blam: Chapped lips are not a good look on anyone. To keep our kisser looking … kissable, we rely on a heavy-duty chapstick..

Leave-In Hair Treatment: We like our beauty to simple and effortless, which is why we love leave-in hair treatments. No excessive measures are necessary — you simply massage the product into your tresses and let it work its magic from there! Since the cold weather is known to wreak havoc on hair, it’s important to use this type of product 2-3 times a week.

Waterproof Liner & Mascara: Blistery winds can cause involuntary tears. After a few too many smudged liner emergencies, we switched over to waterproof products for those excessively cold and windy days.

Blush: The flirty pink look is in and we love it! If we don’t get our rosy tint from the outdoors, we swipe it on with a mega-girly blush. Simply apply to the apples of your cheeks for a cosmetically perfect appearance.

Concealer: We all need a little somethin’ somethin’ to hide imperfections (acne scars, dark under-eye circles, etc…) — and the inevitable redness winter brings on. On top of the camouflaging aid the product lends, concealer is great to use in lieu of a primer. If you apply some to your lids, it’ll help to keep your eye shadow on longer!

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