Is Your Makeup Bag Expired? Check the Shelf Life of Your Products Here

Posted Thursday July 30, 2015 10:03 AM GMT

You use makeup to conceal your imperfections and to highlight your natural beauty. But what if we told you that depending on the age of your cosmetics, they could actually be wreaking havoc on your complexion? It's true.

Many formulas can become breeding grounds for bacteria and if used past their expiration dates, leading to harm to your health — and looks! To be sure you always putting your best face forward, we put together a list of the products most of us use on a daily basis and when to replace/toss out each. Get the scoop below.

Eyeshadow. After three months
The reason for the product’s speedy turn-around is because it’s in contact with the mucous membranes in your peeper region, so the formula is more susceptible to bacteria – especially ones with a creamy base.

Eyeliner. After three months
Eyeliners are in contact with the same mucous membranes and bacteria that shadows are, so it’s important the replace every three months, religiously. Now, pencils will last longer than liquid options. Liquids will gain a paint-like smell, whereas liners will form a white coating over the tip.

Bronzer/Powders. After two years
Facial powder doesn't contain water. However, if there are any ingredients such as oat extract, chamomile, aloe or green-tea extracts, then your product does, in fact, have the potential to harbor H20, which may harbor bacteria over time.

Concealer. One year for liquids, two years for creams
Using an old concealer will amplify any of the imperfections you were trying to camouflage in the first place. On expired products, there is a grease-like film that gets transferred upon application.

Liquid Foundation. After six months
Since liquid foundations are water-based, they are prone to bacteria. To prolong the life of your product, keep it out of moist environments and away from heat, as they can speed up the spoiling process.

Blush. One year for creams, two years for powders
Again, since powders do not contain water, blush can last you a very long time. However, the same rules apply for creamy products: Since they do contain water, refer to the rules under ‘Liquid Foundation.’

Lipstick. After one year or after you’ve been sick
Most lipsticks contain little to no water, so bacteria isn't a huge problem. However, they do have oily ingredients within that can cause colors to change and become lackluster.

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