Kate Spade Picks Perch for Stores

Posted Friday May 2, 2014 10:35 AM GMT

Always looking to innovate, Kate Spade has introduced an interactive display system called Perch into its Flatiron retail location.

And according to CMO Mary Beech the rich media format actually enhances the consumer’s experience as they peruse the wares.

“Our stores are great expressions of the brand, but we were looking for an opportunity to bring content to life,” she told WWD.

Positioned above a merchandising table near the store’s front door, Perch works with the buyer by responding with photos, ideas and even a few games!

And so far, it’s working quite well. Beech noted, “We’ve seen a higher sell-through for products on the table.”

Perch will soon be at Kate Spade stores in Orlando, Bellvue, Dallas, Boston and Chicago.

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