Perks of the Job: Michelle Obama Gets Her Own Line of Headbands

Posted Wednesday April 9, 2014 2:41 PM GMT

Being the First Lady of the United States of America definitely has plenty of perks, and it turns out Michelle Obama has commissioned Wolford to make her a new line of headbands.

A spokesperson from Wolford America told WWD, “After being contacted by Michelle Obama’s styling team, Wolford had the opportunity to custom create the headband for the First Lady in a variety of colors.”

“As per her request, we custom-made jeweled headbands for Michelle Obama in a variety of colors in December 2013. However, the jeweled headbands are not available for purchase at this time.”

It all started when Mrs. Obama sent her personal stylist to Tyson’s Corner Center to procure accessories for her. Wolford’s Jenny Altman explained, “She was always coming to the store and eventually it was no longer a secret that she was shopping for Michelle Obama. Now she comes to the [New York] showroom where we came up with the idea of custom-jeweled headbands.…Michelle Obama also likes to wear the headbands when she’s traveling because it’s so easy to just pull your hair back and look stylish.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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