Blake Lively: Met Gala Morning After for Vogue

Posted Thursday May 8, 2014 2:45 PM GMT

As one of the biggest fashion events of the season, the 2014 Met Gala proved to be an enchanted evening, according to Blake Lively.

On Tuesday morning, the “Town” actress chatted with Vogue about her experience and it sounds like she and husband Ryan Reynolds thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Lively noted, “I look forward to the Met Gala all year and Monday night did not disappoint. This one was extra special for me because if I could live in any time period, style- or music-wise, it would be around when Charles James was designing in the forties and fifties.”

Blake, who serves as the face for Gucci’s fragrances, also told the publication about her own experience with scent from an early age.

“I first started wearing fragrance when I was thirteen or fourteen, and the smell was candy-like. They were in very colorful bottles, like turquoise and pink. By the time I was sixteen or seventeen, it got more girly and more floral. Then, in my twenties, when I started to know the kind of woman I wanted to become, the notes got a little stronger and more woodsy, with sass but also strength. [Fragrance] can be such a powerful tool, a marker of who you are.”

As for what’s in her makeup bag these days, Lively shared, “I always have L’Oréal’s Millions De Cils So Couture mascara because I feel like the eyes really tell your story. And I like their Colour Riche lipsticks in pretty pink, coral hues. I also dab them on my cheek and sometimes my eyelids for that nice, natural flush. And [Boiron’s] Homeoplasmine cream. That stuff is so good! It’s a cure-all. If there’s nothing else in my purse, there’s that.”

The “Gossip Girl” actress also offered insight into how she styles her hair. “I wait until it’s almost dry, like three percent damp, then I put it in a tight ballerina bun. If you have any natural wave in your hair, especially if you also use a little bit of hairspray or mousse, it’ll keep a nice, deep wave. Sometimes you get a weird kink but generally it gives a bouncier look. Some people probably think it looks like I don’t brush my hair, but I think it looks cool; I look up to Kate Moss. I’m convinced one day I will have those cheekbones.”

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