Cara Delevingne Proves She’s More Than Just a Poser in “Timeless” Preview

Posted Monday June 9, 2014 11:35 AM GMT

Looking to expand her horizons a bit, Cara Delevingne is starring in a new made-for-television film titled “Timeless.”

And from the looks of the newly-released teaser clip, it seems the 21-year-old model is an acting wiz, channeling plenty of emotion and authenticity into her character Chloe.

“Timeless” is slated to air on the UK Sky Arts Network on June 19th and follows a woman whose fiancé is stationed in Afghanistan, leading her to bond with her great grandmother who was separated from her husband during World War II.

Furthermore, Cara’s forthcoming acting projects include “Face of an Angel,” “Peter Pan” and “Tulip Fever.”

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