Ellen Makes Joke of Target's Photoshop Fail: Watch Now!

Posted Friday April 4, 2014 1:20 PM GMT

It was one of the worst Photoshop fails of all time, causing Target to issue an apologyon top of an already disastrous PR situation. Just months after its massive credit card breech, the media caught wind of a junior model’s body shape being completely butchered on their website. In addition to a square block missing from her crotch and a strange shred sticking out from her armpit, the model — Tanya Marie Keller — had abnormally long arms. Now, leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to invite Tanya on her show to unveil the “truth” about the picture.

As soon as Tanya arrived on stage, the audience bust out in laughter. Instead of taking a serious approach to the Photoshop mishap, Ellen poked fun at Target by giving Tanya two hilariously-long prosthetic arms to wear. She told Ellen, “it was all real,” and even offered to show her the square missing from between her legs.

The comical approach to combating unhealthy body images was a huge success. Ellen and Tanya made the audience laugh while still very clearly sending a message that what you see online, in magazines and on TV is often physically impossible to achieve. In an industry full of Photoshopped and airbrushed images, it’s an important point to make, and Ellen executed it flawlessly.

Go ahead and watch the clip below of Tanya and Ellen — we guarantee a good laugh.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

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