Lily McMenamy Questions Chloë Sevigny for “Under the Sheets”

Posted Thursday June 19, 2014 1:03 PM GMT

She’s the consummate anti-celebrity with a list of fabulous films and ad campaigns to her credit, and Chloë Sevigny still struggles with insecurity.

In a new “Under the Sheets with Lily McMenamy” interview, the “Kids” actress shares her discomfort with her own form.

Chloë explains, "I really don't like modeling. The catwalk I especially don't like because I have scoliosis, I'm really crooked. Whenever I have to be filmed walking in a scene, I see my waist go [makes sound effects] eer-er-eer-er."

For example, the “Big Love” star cites a photo of herself with Kate Moss. "She's all like, super sexy holding a glass of champagne in underwear, really owning it, and I'm standing next to her like [scrunches up]."

As for her mentors, Sevigny notes, “When I was a kid in Connecticut it was more like my friends or my brother’s girlfriend. She was like my idol and she had blue hair and wore Doc Martens and kilts. She just appeared on the scene out of nowhere, this vision, and she was like nothing I’d ever seen.”

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