Supermodel Secrets: DIY Fashion Goes 1-on-1 with Erin Wasson

Posted Wednesday September 19, 2012 3:23 PM GMT

To the fashion world, Erin Wasson is not just another pretty face.

Her prevailing taste and trend-setting ways have made her a true sartorial icon - even landing her a job as the in-house stylist for Alexander Wang.

We hit New York's trendiest neighborhood to chat with the new face of Rockport who turned out wearing a killer pair of gray suede and black cap toe shoes with an added leather boot-strap she incorporated to make the shoes "her own."

The leggy supermodel dished on everything from kissing Justin Timberlake, to why she decided to endorse such a non-traditional fashion brand.

On her initial impression of Rockport and current love for the brand:
Rockport was very much off my radar. I just kind of thought that they were, you know to be honest with you, Rockport was kind of the shoes that your dad would wear. I had no idea what was sort of going on internally with the company - the way that they were repositioning themselves in the market place and pushing designs in their women's sector - and so when I went to the showroom [and saw] the Presia Boot with the Leopard print, and the Lola Oxfords with the cap toes, I was like, 'Wow, this is so cool!' And then finding out about the technology [and their partnership] with Adidas - that's where the comfort comes in - so the fact that I can wear a pair of shoes that I would beyond a shadow of a doubt buy at a store anyhow, and the fact that they can be so comfortable ... it's that perfect combination.

On her personal style preferences:
For me [fashion is] really about tailoring ... if I buy a pair of leather pants off the rack then I'm taking them to my seamstress to have them really honed in and well fit to my body. I'm a big fan of leather and denim [although] I wear mostly black and white ... I keep it pretty basic. I like a really nice button down, but not your
classic button down - I always say I'm channeling a version of a feminine Johnny Cash at all times.

On her big fashion splurge for the season:
I don't know. I haven't decided yet. I haven't decided what's worthy and I think I'm smart enough to know that you have to take a beat - because I think that we're too quick to covet something and want to acquire it. So I think I need to think about it, and as the season progresses [think] do I have to have it.

On her secret to looking so good:
I'm lucky enough to get to try a lot of products but my skin is really sensitive and I don't like to rock the boat. I use Ayur-Medics for most of my skin care regime. I also use oils - I used to be really afraid of putting oils on my skin because I thought they'd break me out - but they are super soothing.

Erin's also believes in a holistic approach to skin care, getting regular facials from LA based Terri Lowten, and says part of looking radiant on the outside is healing from the inside. And perhaps her ethereal radiance helped her land the part of Justin Timberlake's love interest in his William Rast campaign - and a kiss from the sexy superstar.

So how exactly was that kiss?:
[The kiss] was really awkward because I had just broken my foot about three hours before we did that scene. I was in a cast for four months after that shoot. So between the pain and 30 people standing around in that moment it's just awkward. But the good thing is that he and I are very self-deprecating and we definitely kept it light and had a good time with it.

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