Would You Wear It? Kendall Jenner's Oversized Coachella Nose Ring

Posted Monday April 14, 2014 11:17 AM GMT

We’re torn. On one hand, Kendall Jenner's oversized nose ring looks rad. And being at an event where celebs go to the extreme to stand out, she succeeded in catching our eye. Yet, we have to wonder — would we ever wear it? Negative.

The Kardashian sister was spotted at the Lacoste Beautiful Desert Pool Party on Sunday (April 8th) wearing a minimalist outfit — Converse, cutoff denims and a white tube top. She accessorized with flower-embellished sunglasses, a printed headscarf and the add-on of the moment, a silver nose ring that connected to her ear via a chain.

Given her wistful eyes and natural complexion, Jenner could look stunning with anything on her face — huge rings in her nose included. The girl knows how to strike a pose and make us stare, no matter what she’s wearing. So we give her credit for venturing to the wild side and attempting a new trend, but we’re not so sure this one will transcend past reality life.

Yet, if there’s any time to try something new (and a bit outlandish), it’s the Coachella music festival. So we’re giving Kendall a free pass — you rock it, girl! No matter your interpretation of the ring, you have to admit she looked alluring.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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