Celeb Spotlight: Talking Life, Beauty & Fashion with Whitney Port!

Posted Wednesday April 18, 2012 2:42 PM GMT

Today I interviewed Whitney Port. Our convo was easy, fun and cool – all the words I’d use to describe the 27-year-old reality star turned fashion designer and then some.

I’m not gonna lie. I was excited for our phone date. I’ve been following Whit on TV since she first appeared on “The Hills” working with LC as an intern at “Teen Vogue.”

I watched her breakup with Jay on “The City” and struggle to create her first fashion collection. Sure, you can say the launching pad of her success had a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time. She admits that.

“I was working as an intern in the same offices as “Teen Vogue.” I heard about a job opening there and while applying I found out about this new TV show. They asked if I’d send in a casting tape, which I did, and on my first day the cameras were there.”

While driving to a photo shoot, Whitney, who talks and sounds just as she does on TV (not sure why I was happy/relieved about this) was open and friendly as I asked her about dating, fashion, beauty and other good stuff.

TheBeautyGirl: What’s your favorite piece from the current Whitney Eve line?

Whitney Port: The sweetheart jumper (shown left). I’ve done it in three custom prints, and it’s really reflective of my style.

TBG: What were you thinking when you took your bow on the runway after your collection showed at Fashion Week?

WP: A whole bunch of different things. It’s so overwhelming and exciting and one of those things where you don’t expect to be at in your 20s. You black out afterwards. I had so many emotions, and it was so rewarding. Beyond actually completing all of the logistical things that go into showing at fashion week, one of my biggest challenges was opening up my whole world to all of these eyes, and it’s scary.

TBG: What’s your inspiration for your Spring 2013 collection?

WP: We’ve just begun to develop our prints. The theme so far is rooted in minerals and rocks including diamonds and jewels. It will have a lot of natural elements in unrealistic colors.

TBG: I love how you’re not afraid of color.

WP: Color is really important to me. If you saw my mom’s house, you’d see what I mean. That’s where my love for color came from.

TBG: What was your favorite part about filming “The City?” Did you filter yourself?

WP: You always see the camera. Even if you don’t focus on it, you know it’s there. You become less uncomfortable about it so you can be yourself, but you do have a bit of a filter rather than just blurting things out. My favorite part was the journey of developing my line, having it evolve and getting the exposure. I also made great relationships with the crew. They really know all the details of your life, and I’ve created some best friends.

TBG: Is dating easier or harder since you’ve been on TV?

WP: In terms of dating on a show, I never thought I’d do it. I made a conscious decision not to include my ex when filming “The Hills.” Then I moved to NYC, and I was like whatever goes. There was more responsibility so I thought why not. And I haven’t really noticed a problem when it comes to dating. I stay really close to home in terms of who I hang out with. Rather than meeting new people all the time, I keep the people who were with me from the start around me.

TBG: You have amazing hair. What’s your secret?

WP: When there’s an event or red carpet, there’s someone helping me out. I have three sisters, and we’ve all been blessed with hair we don’t have to fuss with. Right now, I’m using a leave in conditioner called It’s A 10 when I get out of the shower. And I put Moroccan Oil on my ends daily.

TBG: What are your go-to products?
(Whitney asks me to “hold on” as she fishes through her purse. Here’s what she’s using today).

WP: I always wear Fresh High Noon tinted moisturizer. For concealer, I use Cle de Peau. I have this stuff from Australia called Lucas Papaw ointment (shown left). It has papaya extract and is great for things like chapped lips, dry skin and sunburns. I’m a fan of Crest 3D White Glamorous White Toothpaste . (Ok, this toothpaste wasn’t in her bag, but Whitney is a spokesperson for the brand and uses this formula to keep her pearly whites gleaming).

TBG: How do you juggle your blog, fashion line and all of your other commitments?

WP: I have a lot of help. My sister helps with website stuff and social media. I balance and juggle. It can be overwhelming, but it’s what I’ve been doing and it’s great.

TBG: You’re the new judge on “Britain’s Next Top Model.” What’s your advice for taking a good photo?

WP: I think the key thing is confidence. Smiling naturally and having good posture is always best. You could also pose in front of mirror to see how you look.

TBG: What are the websites and boutiques you frequent most?

WP: For websites, I like to shop Nasty Gal (www.nastygal.com) and Pixie Market (www.pixiemarket.com). Top shop and Opening Ceremony are two of my favorite stores.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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