Diane von Furstenberg Dishes Her Most Valuable Beauty Secrets

Posted Wednesday March 7, 2012 2:56 PM GMT

Diane Von Furstenburg is one of the most popular women in the style realm, etching her name into fashion hierarchy with each iconic creation she’s designed for her namesake label.

DVF is the go-to woman for advice when it comes to beauty as well. While she's noted that a little makeup always helps, she says “Everything looks good if you wear it with confidence.”

ELLE sat down with the design maven to discuss all things fabulous. Read on to bone up on a few noteworthy tips given from the pro herself!

On what she would tell her 28-year-old self:
I only really learned how to smile a few years ago. Smiling: It’s the best face-lift. Young girls should know that you age into the face that you make. So if you complain and frown a lot, it will show up later. If you smile a lot, your face will be beautiful as you age.

On the beauty equivalent to her iconic, elegant and effortless wrapdress:
For me, it’s my cheek stick, Nars Malibu, since I love my cheekbones. If I have nothing else, I’ll use it on my cheeks and on my lips.

If she has more time:
I’ll grab Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat and dab it high on my cheekbones. I always wear illuminator high, right on the bone. That’s the big tip for cheeks.

On her beauty regimen for her eyes:
Everything is about intensity. I only like smoky eyes, so I’ll play with different shades of brown to create an almond shape. I never use pencils and do everything with powder, even my eyebrows.

On her curly tresses:
Marisa Berenson and I, we used to iron our hair really straight with an actual iron. Then in 1976, I did the cover of a magazine, and the photographer told me to wet my hair. My hair started to get curly as it dried, and, to my surprise, the picture was divine and ravishing. From that day on, I wore my hair curly.

On her hair regimen:
I blow-dry it very lightly before setting it with pins. I take it all out with the hair still slightly damp. Then I back-comb it with a wide comb and let the rest dry naturally. That’s it, other than a haircut every three or four weeks and treating it with henna.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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