Exclusive: Lauren Conrad Talks Beauty, Books & Style with DIY Fashion

Posted Saturday October 20, 2012 9:34 AM GMT

Continuing promotions for her growing professional empire, reality star Lauren Conrad recently took to a Big Apple Barnes and Noble to sign copies of her latest literary successes, “Starstruck” and “Lauren Conrad Beauty,” for fans.

Looking beautiful in a bright yellow Yoana Baraschi dress, the 26-year-old author dished to DIY’s Amber Milt on everything from how relatable her books are to real life, to the beauty products she simply can not live without (one of which is only $5!).

On how much of her novels are inspired by her real life:
I'm able to draw on a lot of my own experience. Just, you know, kind of throughout where, I have a lot of insight as to what it's like to live with cameras around you. So simple things, like getting mixed up, where cameras go, or where the lights are, how a schedule is sent out, things like that, you know, I can use all throughout. As far as larger story lines, they're all kind of traditional story lines. Like two girls like a boy, or this person did this. Those are kind of fun just to make up.

On which beauty products she can't live without:
I switch my products a lot. I have a few that I have stuck by for years that just kind of work and I like. For my hair, I've used, like a soy leave-in conditioner for a few years, that I use every time I get out of the shower - that I really like. I use Moroccan oil a lot, too just on my ends, 'cause I style my hair a lot and you don't want to damage it too much.

For face, I've use the same eyeliner for like six years, which is Mark eyeliner; it's like a liquid eyeliner, black. It's like five bucks.

On being able to look good without spending a lot:
I don't think you ever do [have to spend a lot], it's the same thing as when you're building a wardrobe. You want to buy a few really nice investment pieces and then the rest you can kind of fill in.

I think that when you're shopping for makeup there's a lot of things, like, I go to the drugstore all the time. I get all my nail polishes there. A lot of times I get my lipsticks there. Individual lashes, you can get at a drug store. Other things, like a foundation, you might want to invest a little more in.

On must-have wardrobe pieces:
You need a black pump, some sort of boot, whether it’s a bootie and short, a flat riding boot, it's whatever you want, a really nice pair of jeans, a well-tailored blazer, a little black dress, a simple button down. Those are kind of the basics.

On trends she loves this season:
I love fall, I love layering up. All the texture this fall is so amazing, it's so pretty. I love all the little bits of leather that are coming through in outfits, whether it's a little inset, or a lapel, I like all those little details.

On a budget beauty tip for women:
The biggest key is taking care of yourself. The better you take care of yourself - hair, skin, nails, body - the less help you'll need with products and with clothes and all that.

On things she's learned from her makeup artist:
Egyptian Magic, it's really great, especially if you travel a lot. It’s the same consistency of a Vaseline or Aquaphor. It's much better for you, it has olive oil and bees wax and I think honey in it, it's been around forever.

On the fun part of writing a book:
The best part about writing a book, is just telling a story. I think that that's kind of the fun part.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet.com

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