Karina Smirnoff on Her Skin Secret, Fitness & Dressing for the Gym

Posted Monday March 31, 2014 10:13 AM GMT

Karina Smirnoff is one of the fittest stars in Hollywood. But just because she has an amazing figure doesn’t mean that fashion comes easy. The petite bombshell learned early on the importance of dressing for her body type, and since, has used that knowledge to glam it up both in and out of the gym. Combined with some killer beauty tricks like Blinc's tube-technology mascara, Karina's become one of LA's most famous faces.

DIY Fashion caught up with the “Dancing With the Stars” diva to talk about her fitness, beauty, and style secrets. Read on and watch the video above to get in her groove.

How do you keep your skin looking so beautiful while working up a sweat?
Hydration, sleep and always clean your skin. Sometimes you get so tired that you forget you wash the makeup off before bed — never, never, never go to bed with makeup on! Allow your skin to get rest between workouts.

Do you have any skincare secrets?
I’m half-Greek, and olive oil is one of the miracle of food and beauty products. It’s amazing for moisturizing the skin and the hair.

Are there any sweat-proof makeup products that you swear by?
I’m a fan of Blinc eye stuff. You don’t actually do the mascara, you kind of tube your lashes so it doesn’t smudge — you can sweat, workout and dance, and you won’t have the raccoon look afterwards. I also love the fact that you’re tubing the lashes so when you’re washing it off, you actually peel it off as opposed to having the black all around.

What’s your style advice for women who want to look and feel as good as you?
Make sure that you dress for your body type. You have to know what your body type is first in order to dress for it. For me, if I do a loose shirt — because I’m not as tall — it doesn’t look as good so I have to belt it. So I find something within the fashion that’s current and popular, but make it my own.

You just joined JCPenney as a spokesperson for their new fitness apparel line. Is dressing well for the gym important?
I believe that what you wear is how you’re going to feel. JCPenney has a new line called Exertion, and it’s comfy, it’s thin — you don’t feel like you’re wearing layers and layers.

For more from Smirnoff, watch the video above.

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