Fool Proof Ways to Keep Your Swim Suit in Tip-Top Shape

Posted Monday June 2, 2014 11:29 AM GMT

Hitting the beach or pool this summer? It's a huge bummer when your bikini is not in pristine condition, so we've pulled together a few tips to help you maintain your swim wear.

Whether it's the obvious, like washing your suit after every wear or a friendly reminder to keep it out of the dryer, we've got you covered on all the bases to make sure you look hot and fresh all season.

Wash your suit after every wear
Wash it in the tub or the sink, but only for a few minutes. Use lukewarm or cool water, plus a capful of soap and use your hands to scrub the suit. Do not be too abrasive.

Buy the right soap and wash properly
Whether you use a gentle lingerie soap or cleanser, let your suit soak in the soap. After soaking for a few minutes, ring it out and lay it flat on a towel or directly in sunlight.

Never use the washer and dryer
Avoid washing bikinis with your clothes. If there is a hook and eye or anything to catch on, say goodbye to your swim suit. The washer and dryer are too harsh on your precious swim attire.

Untie all straps when washing
If you untie your straps while washing, then you are releasing the tension in the suit and allowing it to get back to its original shape and size.

Avoid getting too much sunscreen on your suit
While sunscreen is important, it’s also important to make sure that you try to keep sunscreen off of your suit. The oils can stain the material.

Take care of stains when it happens
Just like your dinner dress, if you spill on yourself make sure to clean it up. Use the same method when wearing a swim suit and do it quickly because the sun is more likely to set a stain. Shout wipes usually do the trick. Keep these handy for beach trips.

Stain proof cheap bathing suits
Most USA bathing suits have not been treated against stains, so when you are wet and throw on your white coverup, its a recipe for rubbing off colors. To fix this, take your bathing suit and dip it in to water and let it dry in the sun before you rock it on the beach.