Forget Squats! 10 Pairs of Heels That’ll Make Your Butt Look Better Instantly

Posted Thursday June 26, 2014 3:20 PM GMT

First things first: We’re not saying you shouldn’t continue your fitness regimen. In fact, gaining a tush like #belfie phenom Jen Selter is our ultimate goal, too. However, when a wow-worthy derrière is needed at a moment’s notice we turn to Plan B — sky-high heels.

A good pair of pumps cause your thighs to tighten, which, in turn, encourages the muscles underneath your booty to perk up a bit. The style also causes your pelvis to tilt forward, meaning your lower back forms a slight arch, which again, creates an elevated rump.

Gee, if only it were acceptable to wear heels to the gym while we get our squat reps in … Just kidding. We never said that. Anywho …

Ensure you look just as fab leaving a room as you do entering it this season by investing in stacked stilettos. We suggest purchasing a pair between 4 – 6 inches, as you want to maintain a sexy saunter when you walk — not a sloppy stomp.

Click through the gallery below to shop 10 pairs of heels that are sure to make this your most booty-ful summer yet!

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