Get Gorgeous Hair & Skin with Our 13 At-Home Beauty Secrets

Posted Friday June 20, 2014 4:10 PM GMT

Are you tired of running out to the store and spending big bucks on fancy beauty products? We have amazing tips and strategies that will save you time and money. Not to mention, you'll gain healthy, younger looking skin and hair!

Our beauty secrets will allow you to release you inner-glam goddess with products you probably already have in your pantry or beauty drawer.

1) Use coconut oil for a rich conditioner or mask. Apply to your hair's ends and leave in. It smells like the beach! Another use for coconut oil is rubbing on chapped lips or any part of the skin that needs some extra moisture.

2) Use apple cider vinegar as a toner. Since apple cider vinegar is a purifying agent and acts as an astringent, you can use it as a toner for your skin and if you're prone to breakouts - rub along your T-zone to prevent blemishes.

3) Spray starch on your hair to act as a dry shampoo. A lot of dry shampoos contain starch, so if you run out of your favorite product, use a can of starch from your laundry room to achieve the same fresh effect.

4) Baking soda whitens teeth. Baking soda is very effective when it comes to polishing our pearly whites. While it’s a mild abrasive, it will get into the harder-to-reach grooves, removing surface stains from coffee, wine, etc.

5) Olive oil face wash. Using olive oil to wash your face with draw natural oils out of the pores, leaving you with a shiny, clean glow.

6) Coffee filters to blot face. Like many name-brand beauty products, coffee filters and facial blotters are made with similar ingredients.

7) Green tea bags for puffy eyes. For the best results, use two cold green-tea bags to de-puff and tighten the skin under your eyes. Leave the bags on for 5-6 minutes.

8) Trade out shaving cream for conditioner. If you happen to run out of shaving cream at the last second, use your hair conditioner to lather up your legs. This will also provide your skin with a hydrating cushion between the razor and your gams.

9) DIY body scrub. Using your favorite body wash, pour some into a bottle and add brown sugar to the mixture, then scrub away. If the scrub is too harsh, mix in some honey or coconut oil.

10) Control fly away hairs with hand lotion. At one time or another, we all had a few fly aways. An easy solution is adding a small amount of lotion on your fingertips and gently run your fingers through your hair. This will tame your tresses.

11) Make perfume last longer. Before you spray on your favorite perfume, add Vaseline to your desired area. Since the ointment is occlusive, it will hold the fragrance on your skin longer than if you were to simply spray the perfume onto bare skin.

12) Rinse off yellow stains on nails. Use that clean, extra toothbrush you have stashed away and use a toothpaste that contains hydrogen peroxide to help remove the stains from dark nail polish from your nails.

13) Temporary skin lift. Mix one-fourth of a cup of warm coffee grounds and trickle one tablespoon of olive oil over the grinds. Next, sitting down on the edge of your tub or in the shower, put the grinds directly on the desired skin surface, and then wrap the areas in plastic wrap. Keep this on for about 12 minutes, and then remove the wrap and shower off using warm water. The caffeine in the grinds will help to tighten the area, but only for a couple of hours.


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