Lend Your Tootsies some TLC with this DIY Ginger Foot Scrub

Posted Wednesday December 19, 2012 10:05 AM GMT

During sandal season (which is a very distant memory), we pay special attention to our feet — making sure they’re softer than a baby’s you-know-what.

However, during the cold-weather months, we tend to neglect our tootsies, causing them to become dry and sometimes callused. Yuck.

Let it be known, that because our feet are constantly covered during the winter, this is one of the most important times to lend them a little (or a lot) of TLC. This way, you’re ready for flip-flops once springtime comes back around!

So, to keep your nether extremities looking and feeling their finest all year round, try out this ginger foot scrub. Packed with mega-moisturizing ingredients and energizing properties, this DIY is sure to be one you’ll find yourself using time and time again.

What you’ll need:
- ¼ cup brown sugar
- 1/8 cup almond oil
- 3 drops ginger essential oil

How to:
- Mix all three ingredients together in a bowl.
- Apply a generous amount of scrub onto feet, and massage for 5 minutes (each).
- Lather on some lotion afterwards to make them extra soft!

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