Smooth Your Skin with This Seasonally-Inspired Candy Cane Scrub

Posted Monday December 24, 2012 8:36 AM GMT

In the spirit of the holidays we concocted something we're sure will roll your Christmas stockings up and down with pure glee, (thanks to its skin-smoothing benefits).

This luxurious candy cane sugar scrub will tingle your senses in every way! The smell of fresh peppermint will arouse your sniffer, while the Jojoba Wax beads exfoliate your outer layer — leaving it so silky smooth that your sweetie won’t be able to keep his hands off of you while you’re sitting next to that cozy, winter fire.

Need we say more? Follow the steps below for this festive little beauty treat.

What you’ll need:
- ½ cup Shealoe Butter
- 10 tablespoons granulated white sugar
- ½ teaspoon Red Jojoba Wax Beads
- 2 teaspoons white or pale Yellow Beeswax
- ½ teaspoon of Peppermint Essential Oil
- 2 small mixing bowls
- A double boiler
- Zip-lock baggies
- 1 clear 4 oz. jar

How to:
- Set out two small mixing bowls.
- Add five tablespoons of sugar to each bowl.
- In a double boiler, melt one teaspoon of white beeswax.
- Next, add ¼ cup of Shealoe Butter to the double boiler and turn the burner off.
- When the Shealoe Butter has completely melted, stir the butter/wax mixture into one of the bowls.
- Add ¼ teaspoon of Peppermint Essential Oil to mixture and stir.
- Add ½ teaspoon of Red Jojoba Wax beads. Mix well.
- Pour the mixture into a Zip-lock bag.
- Repeat this whole process again, but this time, leave out the Red Jojoba Wax beads. Here, you’re creating the white part of the scrub.
- Mix the second mixture into second bowl.
- Once both mixtures have been made, refrigerate both bags for 10-15 minutes.
- Now, take each bag and with your fingers, gently squeeze the contents of each bag towards one corner of the Zip-lock bag.
- With scissors, cut off one of the corners of each Zip-lock bag.
- Next, begin to pipe in, straight up and down, each set of mixtures into your clear 4 oz. jar, alternating one after the next, creating a candy cane look.
- Continue this along the outside of the jar first so that you ensure the candy cane effect.

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