Brazilian Beauties: Get Luscious Locks with Hair Tips from Gisele Bunchden

Posted Monday June 16, 2014 2:15 PM GMT

For darling, bouncy locks take cue from Gisele Bundchen and her Brazilian pals. The voluptuous, blown out style looks amazing on everyone and you’ll feel confident with the luxurious waves.

With the 2014 World Cup in full swing, we're definitely in the mood to take home a piece of Brazil and this is one our favorite cues from the culture. Check out a few tips shared with Fashionista below!

The Trim
Most think that the best way to get rid of split ends is to whip out the sheers. That's not the case in Brazil. Hairstylists in the country use an open flame to burn off split ends, cauterizing the hair to keep the moisture locked in. Also, you won’t run the risk of your stylist cutting too short!

The Products
Brazilians who are not brave enough to use the candles use oils, conditioners and leave-in treatments to help with the self-inflicted damage. A few of the most-trusted are Moroccan Oil, L’Oreal, Tresemme and Garnier. Of course they love Pantene - with Gisele being the iconic star of its ad campaign.

The Texture
Long, bouncy curls are incredibly hot right now, but there is a new movement that encourages using the natural texture of your hair to create your unique blowout. Take a round brush, your fingertips and a blow dryer to your mane and experiment to achieve your desired result.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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