DIY Beauty: How to Cut Your Own Side Swept Bangs

Posted Thursday July 3, 2014 9:55 AM GMT

There is nothing more annoying than having long, obnoxious bangs in your face. But, it gets exhausting making the trip and paying the money to go to a salon just to have your bangs cut.

Now is the time to start saving your precious time and cash and learning to cut your own bangs at home! Whether you opt for a blunt look or the side side swept option, shearing your own locks is a simple task.

You will need:

- Professional shears

- Pin tail comb

How to:

Before you start, we suggest that your hair is dry and perfectly straight.

1. Part your hair. Take your pin tail comb and brush your hair until it’s tangle-free.

a. Comb your crown area back, then push back and tie your hair in a pony so it’s not in your way. This will leave you with the portion of hair that should be cut.

b. Place your pin tail comb at the highest tip of your eyebrow, line it up to your hairline, and evenly part your bangs. This is where your bangs should start. Repeat to the other side. Note that your bangs do not have to line up perfectly; this will just give you a good feel for where your bangs should start and end. Now grab your bangs, and line the top of them so they are straight and even as well.

c. The width of your bangs should only be 1-2 inches. Depending on your style, you can make your bangs thicker.

2. Cut your bangs diagonally downwards.

a. Comb out bangs.

b. With your professional shears, gradually start cutting about .5 inch off your hair, in a downward motion to the ground. Cutting your hair can be nerve wracking, that is why you only want to cut off a little at a time. Repeat until you get your desired length.

c. Comb out bangs and style.

If you are happy with your length, then your look is complete. However, we suggest you follow the next step to add some edge to your hair.

a. Grab a small section of your bangs, take shears and start gradually cutting upward. Take other section of bangs and repeat. Doing this will add texture so your bangs won’t look too freshly cut. Be sure to take your time and we promise you will not mess up!


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