Got Frizz?: Heat & Humidity Are No Match for this DIY Hair Serum!

Posted Friday July 13, 2012 11:26 AM GMT

We’re smack dab in the middle of summer and as if trying to stay cool during this massive heat wave we’ve been experiencing isn’t hard enough, trying to maintain a sleek mane is even harder - forget it.

As you all know, humidity is hairs worst enemy. You can go from sleek strands to a full-on frizz ball in .07 seconds just by stepping outside into the sweltering heat.

All your luscious hair hopes are not lost though, friends! Enter, hair serum. This product pulls double duty on your lovely locks and not only protects them against hot styling tools, but also helps to keep unruly hair at bay amidst the high temps.

However, many of these particular serums are packed full of silicone, which over time weakens hair and can cause massive breakage. No thank you!

So, to keep your tresses sleek AND strong, try out this at-home DIY hair serum! Full of fabulous, natural essential oils, this concoction will be all you need to boast a sexy, frizz-free look all summer long!

What you’ll need:
- 4 ounces Camellia Oil – blocks UV rays and promotes hair growth.
- ½ ounce Castor Oil – soothes and softens coarse hair.
- ½ Ounce Unrefined Avocado Oil – moisturizes and enriches tresses with vitamins A, B1, D, E and other minerals!
- 25 Drops essential oils (for scent)
(Peppermint for dry hair and lavender or rose oil for fine to normal hair).
- Dark glass bottle for storage (light bottles allow too much sunlight in, which damages the oil).

How to:
- Combine all the ingredients together in the bottle.
- Shake well.
- Apply a small amount of the serum to damp hair before you start to blowdry/style with any hot tools.
- Say hello to smooth, shiny hair!

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