It’s Over! How to (Gracefully) Cut Ties with Your Hairdresser

Posted Wednesday December 5, 2012 10:16 AM GMT

Many individuals find that breaking things off with their hairdresser is hard to do—and rightly so!

Small talk that’s led to full disclosure may have landed you two in BFF territory over the years, but if a botched dye job is what you’re getting out of the deal (time and time again), it may be time to reevaluate your relationship.

Before you make any decisions concerning this type of beauty breakup, refer to our list of helpful tips on how to navigate this kind of situation without getting yourself into any major blowouts.

Give them a second chance. Everybody has ‘off’ days, so try not to hold one terrible appointment against your guy or gal. Instead, while scheduling your next appointment, address the problems you’d like to fix such as a bad color job, an unflattering cut or damaged tresses due to certain processing treatments. If he/she cannot redeem themselves the second time around, then you should seek out a different stylist.

Be honest. The biggest mistake so many individuals make when they leave, is to conjure up a slew of excuses as to why they’re making the change. Seriously, don’t say you’re moving, unless you’re actually moving. Lying will only lead you into awkward run-ins at the grocery store, and nobody wants that. Instead, be honest as to why you’re trying new things (especially if you’ve been a client for many years), and make the delivery tactfully.

Dish out a compliment sandwich. Keep it simple. Don’t go on and on with any long-winded reasonings. Hone in on the one problem area you’d like to bring up with your hairdresser, and surround it with two complimentary things about him or her. This way, they don’t feel completely rejected—but have a solid understanding as to why you’re parting ways. If you’re not comfortable with a one-on-one discussion of this nature, write them a ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ email stating the facts.

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