Need a DIY Dye Job? L'Oreal Might Have the Answer

Posted Friday April 11, 2014 4:05 PM GMT

Reusable at-home hair color? Count on L’Oreal Paris to make it possible.

Mousse Absolute, the beauty brand’s new ten-years-in-the-making product, is attempting to revolutionize the way we dye our hair at home. It’s the first-ever automatic and reusable hair color that transforms a DIY dye job from a manual experience into a completely automatic one.

How does it work? Let’s break it down. Instead of messy gels, dyes and glosses, Mousse Absolute comes in a dual chamber canister that, with just one shake and push, releases the perfect ration of pure color dyes and powerful color developer. The texture is (not surprisingly) just like mousse, and can be massaged through your tresses like shampoo. When ready, rinse it out and voila! You’ve got a rich, brand new hair color. No drips, mess or multiple steps.

But wait — it gets better. What we love most about this system is that it allows for seamless root touch ups or multiple applications on shorter hair — all on demand. Since the color and color developer don’t mix until you press the button, the canister can be stashed away and reused for up to a year. Stray greys? No problem. Instead of coloring your whole head, use one little squirt to target the specific strands. Pretty rad, right?

Mousse Absolute comes in 16 shades and is available for $14.99 at mass, food and drug retailers nationwide. Happy coloring!

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