Paul Percival & Adam Reed: Haircare Line Lads

Posted Thursday November 24, 2011 10:35 PM GMT

They’re two of London’s hottest hair stylists, and Paul Percival and Adam Reed have created a new line of hair care products.

Percy & Reed consists of 16 different potions that are easy enough for anyone to use, but high-end enough to produce runway-ready hair.

Adam explained, “[It’s] exactly the same as with makeup: You’re layering the products onto the hair, so you’re just building up an accumulative hold…You’re setting the foundation into the hair.”

“We said, ‘We want the gloss and shine element of that, but we love the hold of this,’ and [the chemist] was able to [create] formulations that had amazing ingredients that would leave the hair glossy and shiny.”

Paul added, “We always said we didn’t want the products to end up at the back of the shelf — Adam and I have wake-up-and-sweat nightmares about that. We believe in the product range, and there would be nothing worse than [a customer] choosing the wrong product because they weren’t advised properly.”

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