Pureology Introduces Zero-Waste Packaging For Hair Products

Posted Thursday February 2, 2012 2:26 PM GMT

There’s no reason that beauty and eco-friendliness can’t coexist, and Pureology has come up with a great new way to make the most of their product line.

According to the company, a new form of packaging ensures that consumers reduce environmental impact and get more for their money in the process.

Shae Kalyani, VP of US marketing told press, “Pureology’s new Zero Waste Shampoo and HairCondition Packaging allows consumers and stylists to use every last drop of product, and the new ergonomic design featuring inverted condition bottles ensures ease-of-use."

“Throughout the packaging renovation, our formulas have not changed—we offer the same concentrated formulas color-coded systems for each regimen."

And it sounds like it’s working, given the results of their life cycle assessment. “From our LCA, we discovered the greatest environmental impact involves the volume of water used by consumers during showering, assuming they are shampooing and conditioning their hair in the shower, and the energy used to heat the water—99 percent of the water used during the lifetime of a bottle of Hydrate Shampoo or Conditioner occurs during the use phase. While we are working to reduce our own water usage, we will continue to actively work with Global Green USA to educate consumers."

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