Skin Tone + Hair Color: A Combo to Consider Before Your Next Dye Job

Posted Monday March 17, 2014 9:20 AM GMT

At one time or another, we’ve all sported a color that didn’t flatter our features to their fullest potential.

Whether you’ve moved on and discovered the hue you’re hot for, or still find yourself struggling to uncover a shade that suits you best, know that there is one sure-fire way find your perfect fit — your skin tone.

Dark, cool and warm undertones determine whether you should take the plunge with blonde or if you should lend your locks to the dark side.

Read on to uncover our tips for finding your ideal hair color.

Your skin tone is: Dark with warm undertones
Your ideal dye job: Dark brown or black
The deepness of your complexion works well with darker shades and is highly complemented by their sultry tones. If you do opt for a black shade, we suggest putting touches of auburn throughout, as it will breakup the starkness of the tint and add nice dimension. Also, when working with such colors, be sure to keep up on your salon glosses. It’ll help keep your tresses nice and shiny and your color looking healthy!

Your skin tone is: Olive with warm undertones
Your ideal dye job: Dark brown
Keep your distance from dyes on the opposite end of the color spectrum. Solid black and/or light-blonde shades normally turn out looking forced and fake. Lighter shades could even have an adverse effect and draw out your green undertones, causing you to look washed out. Whereas a natural-looking brown does wonders by effortlessly complementing your features and hiding flaws — namely dark, under-eye circles.

Your skin tone is: Pale with cool undertones
Your ideal dye job: A warm, golden blonde
Women with cool coloring should steer clear of ashy, platinum shades, as the hue will only was out their already light complexion. A rich, golden blonde will help to warm up your skin tone and create a natural, healthy-looking glow.

Your skin tone is: Medium with warm undertones
Your ideal dye job: Rich, chocolate brown
Again, you want your color to bring out your luster. A stark, black shade would create too harsh of a look, and the appearance, altogether, simply wouldn’t blend well. A rich, chocolate tint would warm up your face and cause your features — eyes, lips and cheekbones — to pop!

Your skin tone is: Milky with yellow undertones (you may also have freckles)
Your ideal dye job: An auburn red
The hue helps to liven up a pale complexion, and if you do have freckles, it helps to feature those babies as well! Be sure to stick to the darker side of the hue. Think: Emma Stone, not the Little Mermaid. Anything too light would washout your fair skin tone.

Your skin tone is: Medium with cool undertones
Your ideal dye job: Light-brown with caramel highlights
This is the trickiest of skin tones. The goal is create a color that will strike a harmonious balance with your cool undertones all while also complement your warmth. A light-brown shade will do just that, while touches of caramel mix well with your coolness. The dimension of this color combo is where the magic happens. Anything without such variation will leave you looking lackluster.

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