Get Carried Away: 12 Splurge-Worthy Bags We’re Obsessing Over for Fall

Posted Friday September 23, 2016 9:17 AM GMT

Every now and then we like to indulge ourselves in a little splurge spending, and with a new autumn season upon us there are some foundation pieces we plan on investing some mega bucks into.

Clothing boasting the hottest fashion trends, glitzy jewelry and sexy footwear are a few of the items beckoning our wallets, but one item in particular that’s worth some extra green this fall is a swanky oversized tote!

A quality-made handbag is an accessory that will carry you from season to season (no pun intended), which is why we deem it so splurge worthy – especially if you snag one in a neutral color.

However, there are those that feature the most in-demand trends of the season, such as popular hues like burgundy and navy blue and sophisticated add-ons like tassels, buckles, etc…

A chic carry all is considered one of the most impressive statement pieces in any stylista’s wardrobe, so be sure you’re readily equipped with something eye-catching this fall!

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