So Funky They’re Fabulous: 10 Incredibly Unique Clutches We Love

Posted Friday May 18, 2012 1:54 PM GMT

Many designers, such as Judith Leiber, Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin, are known for their bold and unusual designs.

These rarely conceived creations are the ones that become highly praised pieces and make impressionable, permanent marks on the fashion industry for years to come.

One particular realm designers love to experiment in is with accessories. Taking a simple necklace and evolving it into a ultra-swanky piece of jewelry or a dainty ring and transforming it into a larger-than-life cocktail must-have is one sure-fire way to reach the masses. Why? Because many women feel more comfortable donning a fashion-forward accessory as opposed to an entire flashy outfit – it’s less intimidating, yet still screams stylista.

One of our favorite fabulous statement accessories is the clutch. There are a slew of them on the market, but only a few that leave you saying, “What were they thinking?” – but in a good way. Over the past few years, this trendy mini bag has evolved tremendously from a simple, basic carrier to literally lavish pieces of art!

From Kate Spade's book clutch to Judith Leiber’s various encrusted creations, there are some designs that are just so...different, you can’t help but love them! Each one possesses a crazy, funky, cool style all its own, not meant to copied or questioned, but rather appreciated and embraced. The majority of these pieces come with an extremely high sticker price, however, we can dream of carrying them around, right?

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