Add Some Flare to Your Footwear with This DIY Color-Pop Project!

Posted Monday November 12, 2012 2:34 PM GMT

Glorious pops of color are saturating some of the season’s most in-demand pieces–from winter accessories, to skinny jeans, leather jackets and more!

Today, we ran across a DIY project that incorporates a striking hue (your choice) into one of our favorite closet staples – sky-high pumps.

Conceived by a talented stylista at P.S. – I Made This, this at-home task allows you to amp up the wow-factor of your most basic pair of heels. In just minutes, you can make them appear 10 times pricier than their original cost!

What you’ll need:
- Pumps
- Painter’s tape
- Spray paint in the color of your choice
- Clear sealant
- A plastic bag

How to:
- Tape off the bottom portion & toe of your heel with painter’s tape.
- Once taped, wrap the rest the remaining areas of the shoe (along with the inside) with a plastic bag to shield from spray paint.
- In a well-ventilated area, spray the untaped portion with the spray paint color of your choice.
- Allow to dry overnight and then spray with a clear sealant to protect.
- Remove tape and plastic.

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