Attitude-Packed Fashion: Try This DIY Studded Collar!

Posted Thursday June 21, 2012 9:49 AM GMT

Collars as accessories are big news just now, and they also happen to be one of the easiest DIY’s ever. Add a few embellishments (in this case, studs) to an old detached collar and you can take a plain top from drab to fab in no time at all!

This method can also be used on collars still attached to a shirt, or to freshen up any old duds you might have lurking around your closet. Check out our step-by-step detail of how we gave some much needed attitude to this much neglected item of clothing!

What You'll Need:
- A plain collared shirt
- Single studs
- Scissors.
* I used a man’s shirt, which I bought for less than $10 in Primark. Men’s shirts are best for this kind of project since the collars are starched or reinforced with plastic, which means the collar doesn’t collapse under the weight of the studs. I used screw back studs, which looks neater at the back and won’t pull whatever you are wearing.

How To:
2.) Remove the Collar: You first must detach the collar from the shirt. Carefully unpick all the stitching along the neckline until the collar comes away from the main body of the shirt. Sew up the edges again so you now have a nice, neat stand alone collar.
3.) Make your Pattern: Mark on your collar the pattern you want the studs to form. I used 10 studs for each side in a triangle formation. When you are happy with the pattern, use either a scalpel or hole punch to make little holes for the studs to go through, and then start studding.
4.) Studding: Carefully push the studs into all the holes you’ve made
5.) Wear and enjoy!

Photo Credit: Kit This

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