Dance the Night Away with Our Fashion Forward Friday Ensemble

Posted Friday June 27, 2014 11:00 AM GMT

It's another lovely end of the week and before you get ready to step out with your gal pals, make sure to snag a few tips from our Fashion Forward Friday inspiration today (June 27)!

If you're getting ready to head to a fun bar with lots of dancing involved, skip the popular dress option and mix up your look with a pair of funky pants and a black top.

Start with Tobi’s Aztec Embroidered Denim Pants. White jeans are back and we love this option to incorporate a sexy tribal print into the mix. Pair those skinny jeans with Lulu’s Adjust in Case Black Tank Top for a flirty addition to your modern attire.

For your feet, rock a super stylish wedge with the Pink & Pepper Trigger Sandal. These provide extra support and comfort so you can dance the night away. Finish off the outfit with a black Shoulder Bag from H&M to ensure you have all of your essentials in one, secure place.

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